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The community kitchen brings together women who share their time, and skills to prepare, in four stages (planning, buying, cooking, evaluation) economic, healthy and tasty dishes they bring home. It is set up for people who care about healthy eating and a better quality of life for themselves and their families, while having the opportunity to get involved individually and collectively in their community. This activity is, in pleasure, in a process of solidarity, democracy, autonomy and individual and collective care, respect for the person and dignity.

More than cooking.

AJFAS women ‘s community kitchens are more than just cooking.
They allow to:

  • Leave the houe
  • Meet people and build friendships
  • Build self-confidence
  • Enhance autonomy and support
  • Value, acquire and share knowledge
  • Experimenting with work projects
  • Build a support network

How it works.

Our community kitchen takes place in four stages: planning, shopping, cooking day and evaluation. In planning, the participants choose the recipes, determine the number of portions and calculate the budget. Then they go shopping. Finally, they meet again to cook the dishes they divide and bring home. In due course, the women’s group evaluates the meeting, the recipes and the team spirit.

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