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Mr. Luketa M’Pindou is the recipient of the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers for his contribution and exemplary involvement in the Franco-Albertan community. The Canadian Honors Ceremony was held at the Shaw Conference Center at 9797 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton on Thursday, December 8, 2016 at 10:00 am.

Mr. Luketa M'Pindou has already received the following distinctions:

The Diamond Jubilee Medal of Queen Elizabeth II;
The Alberta Centennial Medal, awarded by Prime Minister Ralph Klein and Lieutenant Governor Norman L. Kwong;
Certificate of Recognition from Her Excellency the Governor General in Council of Canada;
Certificate of Appreciation for Humanitarian Contribution to the Mission of the Correctional Service of Canada;
Certificate of Appreciation of the Senate of Canada;
Certificate of Appreciation Alberta Solicitor General;
Certificate of Appreciation from the Federation of Francophone Acadian Communities;
Certificate of recognition of 10 years for his involvement in the Francophone community of Alberta, ACFA Provinciale;

Some exemplary implications of Mr. M'Pindou in the community:

  • Member of the Sectoral Commission, Natural and Human Social Sciences of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO – 2010 up to date;
  • Chairman of the Employment Insurance Boards of Referees for the Alberta Regional Division, and in particular for the Edmonton District, appointed by Order in Council, by the Governor in Council on the recommendation of the Honorable Diane Finley, Minister of Resources Human Resources and Skills Development – 2006-2013;
  • President of the School Council Sainte-Jeanne d’Arc – 2006-2013;
    Chair of the Regional Ethnocultural Advisory Committee of the Prairies, and a member of the National Ethnocultural Advisory Committee of the Correctional Service of Canada – 2005-2016;
  • President of the Caravan Youth Justice Committee with Alberta Solicitor General – 2010 up to date;
  • Director of Western and Northern Canada in the Federation of Francophone and Acadian Communities (FCFA of Canada) – 2004-2006;
  • Alberta Community Representative on the Citizenship & Immigration Canada Steering Committee – Francophone Minority Communities 2002-2005;
  • Member of the Membership and Partnership Committee with the Canadian Commission for UNESCO – 2006-2010;
  • First Vice-President of the French Canadian Association of Alberta (ACFA Provincial) – 2002-2004.
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