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The Alliance Jeunesse-Famille of the Alberta Society (AJFAS) and La Francophonie Albertaine Plurielle (FRAP-Pase), successively represented by Mr. Luketa Mpindou, Director general and Mr. Alphonse Ndem Ahola, Director general, signed this Tuesday 23 June 2020, a Partnership Agreement at the Cité francophone d’Edmonton.

Here is the content:

Article 1: The spirit of the framework partnership agreement

Considering that the two organizations concerned serve members of the same community established throughout the province of Alberta;

Considering that the two organizations each have the necessary expertise in areas related to their respective missions;

Considering that the two organizations wish to combine their efforts in order to achieve the various objectives they have set for themselves;

The two parties agree, by this framework agreement, to develop a collaboration taking effect on June 23, 2020, which will respect the following principles:

• Confidentiality in exchanges,
• Everyone’s responsibility within the framework of collaborative projects,
• Voluntary participation in collaborative projects,
• Search for mutual interest,
• Visibility of the collaboration,
• Respect for everyone’s mandate.

Article 2: The subject of the framework partnership agreement

The two parties agree to develop collaboration in the following areas:
• Exchange program,
• The reference protocol,
• Sharing of expertise,
• Collaboration in the organization of activities such as: Summer camp, sports, artistic and recreational activities, workshops or other events,
• Mutual reference of families while respecting the scope of each member’s mandate,
• Visits, internships and training for young people and children from each of the parties on the site of one or the other,
• Participation of staff from both parties in joint projects,
• Black History Month,
• Decade of peoples of African descent.

It is understood that this list is not exhaustive and that there may be added any other area of ​​collaboration deemed interesting and relevant by both parties.

Article 3: The terms of collaboration

The two parties agree that the collaboration agreement developed will respect the following terms in the development and implementation:
• By specific agreements which may include other partners
• With definition of the objectives to be achieved, the timetable and the action plan
• With identification of costs and their sharing
• With definition of everyone’s responsibility
• With definition of the ownership of the products resulting from the collaboration
• With definition of the visibility of the collaboration
• With evaluation of the achievement of objectives.

Article 4: Engagement of the parties

The two parties agree to combine their efforts for the implementation of the collaboration, namely:
• To exchange information and relevant documents within the framework of a specific project in which the two (2) organizations are involved (in said collaboration projects)
• To facilitate contacts between people involved in a collaboration project
• To make the necessary adjustments, to harmonize our activity calendars, in order to facilitate the realization of collaboration projects
• To seek funding for the realization of these projects.
• Hold at least one (1) annual meeting to assess commitments and collaborate on projects.

The parties undertake to settle, by consultation, disputes that may arise in the application of this agreement.

The respondents for each of the parties are the following interlocutors:

Mr. Alphonse Ndem Ahola, representative of La Francophonie Plurielle (FRAP-Pase) and Mr. Luketa M’Pindou, representative of L’Alliance Jeunesse-Famille of the Alberta Society (AJFAS).

Article 5: Declaration of intent

Both parties acknowledge that the signing of this framework partnership agreement does not entail any financial obligation on the part of the signatory organizations and only constitutes a declaration of their intention to collaborate, according to the principles and procedures set out above. The signatory parties declare that they have established this agreement in good faith and that, consequently, they will do everything in their power to bring it to a conclusion.

Article 6: The duration of the framework partnership agreement

This framework partnership agreement comes into force on the day of its signature by the parties.

A party may terminate this agreement by written notice to the other parties. The agreement between the parties will lapse six months after receipt of this notice.

Any advice should not harm some projects in progress.

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